Mastering Winning SEO Trends in 2016

With a fresh year comes new SEO techniques, and while Google appears to change its tune on which strategies win and which ones lose, mastering 2016’s SEO trends can be easy. Whether you’re running a large or small business in Kent, now’s the time to adapt your online marketing strategy.
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How to Boost Your Brand’s Instagram Following

According to GlobalWebIndex, a whopping 20% of all internet users now have an Instagram account, while some 300 million people are active on the site every single month. Instagram is an important platform for many businesses because it provides a way to start a dialogue with new customers. Read on for three simple yet highly effective ways you can boost your Instagram following.
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Location-Based SEO: Does It Limit Your Marketing?

Let’s say you hired an SEO company in Kent because you want to target that area specifically with your online marketing. The SEO company you choose may be able to create a solid online presence in Kent so that a great many potential customers that live in the area will see you first on Google and Bing. This sounds like a good thing, but some people wonder if such a strong local influence will limit their online marketing pull in other areas and on the internet in general.

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SEO and Mobile Optimisation

There is no doubt that Kent is one of the most affluent regions within the United Kingdom. Still, it is quite alarming that some big and small local businesses fail to bolster their online presence and fail to reach their target customers through mobile. Over the last few years, this type of internet access has grown eight times faster than the regular online community did during the 1990s. Continue reading

Tip from SEO Companies: Learn from the Competition

Many entrepreneurs won’t admit it, but there are a lot of things you can learn just by observing your competitors. It’s actually not a secret and even the big brands do it from time to time. If you are just venturing out into the world of internet marketing for your newly established company, you can learn a few useful things from your competitors and use them to your advantage. Here are few tips from SEO companies:

A Fresh Start

Looking for ideas to use on your new website? Maybe you’ve been at it for quite some time now but are still drawing a blank. Looking at your competitor’s website or those who are on top of the food chain is not cheating if you don’t copy them. Try to get the general feel of the websites you think are the most reputable and are authorities in their respective niches.

What’s Trending?

Checking out the competition’s website is also a good way to know what is trending. You can easily see which links or keywords are working for them. Start with the generic ones as they are most likely to attract more relevant links. Also, be aware of geo targets of the links you are going to actively pursue.

Get on the Bandwagon

There’s a chance that you might have missed some opportunities along the way. Perhaps you don’t have some links that everyone else in your niche is using. Now is your chance to get on the bandwagon.

SEO Now: More than Ranking Up for Keywords

The Google search engine moves the goalposts very often. Their reason is that they have to in order to react to black-hat companies that try to manipulate the system, and because they have to perpetually improve their search engine to give the best value. Others point out that every time they undergo a massive search engine change/update, the Google earnings suddenly shoot up. The truth is somewhere in the middle.

You may have read SEO (search engine optimization) advice that you should optimise for certain keywords so that your website ranks higher on the search engines for those words. The aim is to choose the keywords that your target audience are going to choose.
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Why is Search Engine Optimisation Important?

If you run a business in Kent, you want your business to thrive, and the best way to reach the masses that use Google is by taking advantage of Search Engine Optimisation (SEO).

Why is SEO optimisation so important? It’s obviously a good thing for your website to show up near the top of a Google search, but what many small businesses don’t realise is that Google users click on a link on the first page of their search 94% of the time. Getting relegated to the second page or lower in a Google search is a sure sign you won’t be getting many visitors.  Continue reading

All About Optimising Your Backlinks

Backlinks are inbound links that are directed towards your website. The number of backlinks you get on your site is an indication of its reliability and authenticity, that’s why sites like Google give more credence to websites with a good number of it. Not all backlinks are created equal, and here are three things you need to know about them:

Build them, don’t buy them

There’s a story about an SEO manager who paid an insane amount of money for cheap backlinks on a domain name that got banned from Google. Needless to say, that money went nowhere. The takeaway from this is to never buy your backlinks, and to craft them using the most Google-friendly techniques.

The quality of the source matters

If your source is an old domain name with excellent rankings, then Google will view your backlink to that site as highly domain. Links from an authority domain name such as .edu or .gov count for more, and that’s to be expected. One good link from domains like these and you’ll see your rankings change more than if you used hundreds of lesser known domains.

Pay attention to your anchor text

You want your anchor text (the words you use in the link) to be highly relevant to your keywords.

UX and Its Role in an Effective SEO Campaign

You have a website for your business, and you’ve implemented an SEO campaign that would hopefully increase traffic for your site by bringing its rankings up in search engine results pages (SERPs), but don’t forget that your main goal is to attract more visitors to your website. User experience, or UX, mainly contributes to achieving that goal, and a bad UX can greatly affect your business and could be costly in the long run. Continue reading

SEO Companies: Stepping Up with Pinterest

With the influence of various social media platforms in today’s generation, businesses have been taking advantage of these tools as part of their top marketing strategies. Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn are some of the commonly used social sites by businesses for publicity and promotional purposes. On the other hand, Pinterest, a less popular website can actually do wonders for the success of a business too.

For companies that wish to increase their profit through their products, it is essential to make use of Pinterest for the reason that this platform provides images of different things—commonly used for making mood boards or as inspirations. In line with content being the “king” in SEO, providing images via Pinterest that complement the content is relevant as well. Continue reading