Mastering Winning SEO Trends in 2016

With a fresh year comes new SEO techniques, and while Google appears to change its tune on which strategies win and which ones lose, mastering 2016’s SEO trends can be easy. Whether you’re running a large or small business in Kent, now’s the time to adapt your online marketing strategy.

Content is still King, but the approach has changed
Google still favours fresh content, but 2016 is likely to be the year when videos outshine articles. While it’s still necessary to maintain a written presence, Kent businesses developing other forms of media will outshine those that don’t innovate.

Maintaining a social media presence is more vital than ever
Did you know that Google rapidly indexes Facebook posts and tweets? If your company has a social media account that’s lacking in substance, now’s the time to create daily, meaningful posts. Increasing the ways your customers can interact with you and offering them useful tips can see you rocket through search results.

You really should be mobile optimised by now
While many websites are mobile optimised, if yours isn’t now’s the time to ensure you enjoy 2016 in a smartphone friendly manner. On average, consumers spend more time consuming mobile media than they do desktop or laptop. By ensuring your business’ website is mobile friendly, you can expand your customer base and ensure your competitors don’t beat you to the sale.

With a little innovation and some ongoing commitment, you can adjust your SEO and digital marketing strategies to shine during 2016. With organisations like New Leaf Media, it’s possible to draw on expert advice that propels your business through the Internet.


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