How to Boost Your Brand’s Instagram Following

According to GlobalWebIndex, a whopping 20% of all internet users now have an Instagram account, while some 300 million people are active on the site every single month. Instagram is an important platform for many businesses because it provides a way to start a dialogue with new customers. Read on for three simple yet highly effective ways you can boost your Instagram following.


Instagram is about interaction. By leaving comments on potential customers’ photos, you can boost your Instagram presence and encourage them, and other users, to take a look at your Instagram account and hopefully follow you.

Behind the Scenes

 People love to see what goes on behind the scenes of a running a business. Don’t be afraid to show some creativity on Instagram. Are you doing a photoshoot? Why not post a clip of models behind the scenes, or show a new, fun way to use your product? This will get people to interact and talk, which in turn will get you more followers.

Correct Hashtags

Hashtags are what let other Instagram users search for your images. Use a hashtag finder to see which ones are popular at the moment for the type of content that you are posting. You can also use hashtags to find locations, such as #Kent or #London.

Remember: With followers, it’s always quality over quantity. The right SEO team will be able to help you post relevant and interesting content, and grow your Instagram following quickly.


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