Location-Based SEO: Does It Limit Your Marketing?

Let’s say you hired an SEO company in Kent because you want to target that area specifically with your online marketing. The SEO company you choose may be able to create a solid online presence in Kent so that a great many potential customers that live in the area will see you first on Google and Bing. This sounds like a good thing, but some people wonder if such a strong local influence will limit their online marketing pull in other areas and on the internet in general.

If your website is set up to attract people in a certain area, then there will be a marginal effect on your presence in other areas, but that is not a bad thing and it is easy to see why people become confused. The Internet is just a means of communication. It is not an RPG computer game where if you level up in one area then you cannot level up in another.

If your SEO team focuses a lot of energy on attracting people from Kent, then your website may not rank as highly for people in South Yorkshire, or Cardiff; however, your website is not going to disappear from other people’s Google/Bing/Yahoo! search engine results. In Kent, your website may be at the number one spot for your target audience, but in Lincolnshire it may still appear within the top ten or top three. Having your SEO company concentrate on a single location will not exclude your website from other locations; it simply increases the likelihood that your website will be seen by your target audience in a specific area.


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