SEO Now: More than Ranking Up for Keywords

The Google search engine moves the goalposts very often. Their reason is that they have to in order to react to black-hat companies that try to manipulate the system, and because they have to perpetually improve their search engine to give the best value. Others point out that every time they undergo a massive search engine change/update, the Google earnings suddenly shoot up. The truth is somewhere in the middle.

You may have read SEO (search engine optimization) advice that you should optimise for certain keywords so that your website ranks higher on the search engines for those words. The aim is to choose the keywords that your target audience are going to choose.

Google has changed so much that this keyword strategy is no longer applicable. Now, your goal is to optimise for the target audience you desire and not the keywords they are going to enter into the search bar. This means learning the demographic details, interests, viewing habits and even viewing devices that your target audience has, prefers and uses.

Ranking up for the right keywords is no longer a fool-proof way of improving your traffic amount and quality. Now, an SEO company must work to optimise your website both off-page and on-page in order to appeal to your target audience or consumer. SEO companies that rely solely on keyword ranking, changes and trends may actually be behind the times. A SEO company should work to improve your SEO so that your target audience are more likely to come across your website on the Google search engine results.


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