UX and Its Role in an Effective SEO Campaign

You have a website for your business, and you’ve implemented an SEO campaign that would hopefully increase traffic for your site by bringing its rankings up in search engine results pages (SERPs), but don’t forget that your main goal is to attract more visitors to your website. User experience, or UX, mainly contributes to achieving that goal, and a bad UX can greatly affect your business and could be costly in the long run.

What Makes a Bad UX?

One of the effective metrics for a bad UX is a shorter “dwell time”, or the time a user clicks on a search result, then returning to the SERPs. A short dwell time signals that a visitor was not satisfied with what he found on your website, and has resorted to searching for answers on a competitor’s website. This is a warning sign that your website is not doing its role of providing answers or relevant information to its visitors.

What Makes a Good UX?

It’s not enough that your business has a website; it also needs to be constantly changing for the better, becoming more responsive and attractive to visitors. A great UX can begin with an effective website design that’s easy to navigate and pleasing to the eye. Having a clumsily-designed website would only cause more bounces than conversions, and it’s best to ask your friends or employees to point out the eyesores in your website and seek to rectify them with the help of professional web designers.


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